Admit it, you're waiting for That 80's show as well...

Anyhow, I wanted to get some insight into the journey into becoming a seasoned DBA...especially from experienced seniors like Julian, Marist89.0, Mr. Hanky , The Turkish Bazaar DBA, and other OCP DBA's:

How were you introduced into the db world, especially Oracle (college/work/elsewhere) ?

How long after being exposed to Oracle did you become OCP DBA's ?

What is the satisfaction level of being a full fledged DBA...(eg. I am satisfied and want to be a DBA for life/ I want to switch careers / Want a managerial position /DBA life is tough/DBA life rocks , etc)

By the way, have any of the DBA's here obtained the SCJP designation, because I'm gunning for that as well...

(Mr. E Haskins of for OCP training is also welcome to provide his valuable input)