Could somebody give me a concise step-by-step procedure on how to
implement an interface program for my client to bring their customers
(individual employees as well as their employers) into Oracle AR Customer Interface (11.5.4) from e-commerce database running on 8.1.7
your input will be highly appreciated.

I have the following idea already:

1. Create custom customer interface table on the e-commerce database
2. Write database trigger to capture any changes or additions to the custom customer interface table
3. Create a database link between e-commerce database and oracle 11i database
4. Write an import program that will load data from custom customer interface to Oracle AR Customer interface table.
5. Run the import program to populate the AR customer interface from custom customer interface
6. Submit the AR customer interface program set in Oracle Application AR responsibility
If this close, my other concerns are how do I delete records after successful loading from both customer tables? Secondly, how do I write the import program to load data from customer interface to AR customer interface?
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