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    I found this note on Metalink and wanted to ask another question:

    ) have archive log mode on
    2) are using locally managed tablespaces
    3) alter the table to be nologging
    4) use the APPEND hint, I assume they are talking about SQLLDR here, but I'm not sure how to do a hint in SQLLDR off the top of my head. Append is a parm, in terms of append to the table vs. truncate. Often we use truncate, but there are some cases where we use Append. I'm unclear about their use of 'APPEND hint'.

    5)actually, per the last part of the point, it should work for dictionary managed as well, correct?

    The big question is, does it work for noarchivelog mode as well????

    we dont use sqlload to load the data but we insert 14 million rows using a plain insert.
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    not offending but... are you senior dba...?

    anywayz APPEND is a hint for INSERT... AS SELECT ....., with APPEND Hint your insert will be a direct-load insert

    insert /*+ APPEND */ into XXXX select * from ZZZZZ

    this is fast, generates minimum redo, wastes space if your HWM is high

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    Just uses the DIRECT=Y parameter from the SQLLDR command line.

    It doesn't matter if you tablespace is DICTIONARY or LOCALLY MANAGED.

    Archivelog and noarchivelog, both stillg enerate redo, it just determines whether the redo logs are archived or not for recovery purposes.
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