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Thread: Upgrade from ocp7.3 to 8 and 8i

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    Hi, everyone:

    I finally decided to upgrade my ocp from 7 to 8, which means that I have to take two exams.
    I have started to study the material, but it's so boring. I need some pratice questions or exams. Can anybody help me?
    How difficult are those exams? I have been reading partition part, it's so confusing. I also answered the questions from 'OCP ZONE' from this website, but the questions seems relatively easy.

    Thank you!

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    I did the 8 and 8i upgrades quite close together and found there was alot of overlap between them. I've never been a major fan of answering loads of questions. I'd rather spend the time reading or trying stuff out for real. The only questions I used were the ones that were in the Oracle Press exam guide and those available free from:


    These are enough to get you back in the frame of mind to sit the test.

    Good luck!
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