My system hangs and trace files shows dead lock and library lock.
child pin: 0, child lock: 55226d0c, parent lock: 551dd828
xscflg: 110424, parent handle: 5449bd04, xscfl2: 5000000
Dumping cursor sharing failures: 22000
bind 0: dty=1 mxl=4000(4000) mal=00 scl=00 pre=00 oacflg=01 oacfl2=0 size=4000 offset=0
No bind buffers allocated LIBRARY OBJECT: object=50ca8bf8
type=CRSR flags=EXS[0001] pflags= [00] status=VALD load=0
CHILDREN: size=16
child# table reference handle
------ -------- --------- --------
0 50ca8cb8 50c8e2d8 50c8e110
data# heap pointer status pins change
----- -------- -------- ------ ---- ------
0 50ca8d04 50c8e1d4 I/P/A 0 NONE
SO: 5521c8e4, type: 36, owner: 54d79fe8, flag: INIT/-/-/0x00
LIBRARY OBJECT PIN: pin=5521c8e4 handle=0 lock=551e4fac
user=54d79fe8 session=54d79fe8 count=0 mask=0000 savepoint=289 flags=[00]
SO: 551e4fac, type: 35, owner: 54d79fe8, flag: INIT/-/-/0x00
LIBRARY OBJECT LOCK: lock=551e4fac handle=50eda73c mode=N
call pin=0 session pin=5521c8e4
user=54d79fe8 session=54d79fe8 count=1 flags=[00] savepoint=288

how can I solve this and How to read it ? this all addresses , how will I know which table and which row ?

What is library lock and pl/sql lock timer and enquue lock ???

Any help appriciated ...