I have a perfomance query:
Our application is about to go web based and there are 2 architecture solutions. At the moment the application is executed on Client PCs. They execute a package which sends back the sql to execute, i.e. the package will return 'sqlplus / 'command' (command could be select * from test@aodb).
1. To go 3 Tier architecture. Put the application on the Web server using db_links to access the database.
2. Or put the application onto the database server (therefore don't need to use db_links), and just use the web server to serve HTTP requests etc.
There are 1000 users using this application.

The 'application'/Web server will be located at the same location as the database server. Both servers are Windows NT.

Which is the best solution? Has anyone any experience? Has anyone any white papers or Case studies?