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    I have a probelm with 'reports background engine', I have 2 reports and each report have a role, but the role contain the same granted.

    For example :
    report1 have role1,
    create role role1
    grant select on m_table1 to role1;
    grant select on m_table2 to role1;

    report2 have role2,
    create role role2
    grant select on m_table1 to role2;
    grant select on m_table2 to role2;

    I set the role1 is active and role2 is not active, so it just can run the report1, but when I run the report1 then I closed the report1 but reports background engine still actived and then I tried run report2, the report can run well. It should been could not open this report becouse the role was not actived. I know it caused by reports background engine was still actived, becouse when the reports background engine was closed the report2 could not run.

    So this a problem with security, I don't know what to do.
    Can anybody help me, please! I will very appreciate.

    Sorry my English a little bad. I have tried to explain clearly.

    Thanks in advance

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    hello ching,

    one imp. thing about roles is that they r always granted to a user and acc. to ur query i guess both the roles have been granted to the same user so in such a case report2 will also run fine.

    so what u should do is after the creation of the roles grant them to 2 diff users and then run ur report u will surely see the difference.

    hope this helps u. do let me know.

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    Yes you are right, these roles grant to the same user. and I have tried if the roles grant to diff user, the report2 could not run.

    But I want the roles grant to the same user, are u have any idea for this?


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