Hi all,

I explain you our configuration:

1. Two nodes with Windows 2000 SP2 and a disk array.
2. Software Oracle in both nodes
3. Oracle Fail Safe 3.1.2 installed in both servers.
4. Domain user with permission "Log on as batch job" for administering OFS.

The problem:

After the installation and n^2 reboot of the nodes, we have verified the cluster, the group and the standalone database and all have finished succesfully. We have add on the two hosts file the virtual IP address for the Group ...
And we have recreate the password file (sometimes I have had problems with this)

Then when you try to add the database to group the next errors appear:

28 09:07:41 > FS-10426: Adding the database resource maa01car.world to group bbddmaa01car
29 09:07:41 ** ERROR : 0x7E: The specified module could not be found.

30 09:07:41 ** ERROR : FS-10718: Failed to write the private properties for resource maa01car.world in the cluster
31 09:07:41 ** ERROR : FS-10040: Failed to create the database resource maa01car.world
32 09:07:42 ** ERROR : FS-10778: The Oracle Database resource provider failed to configure the cluster resource maa01car.world
33 09:07:42 ** ERROR : FS-10497: Starting clusterwide rollback of the operation
34 09:07:42 FS-10488: SSMADAAORA01 : Starting rollback of operation
35 09:07:42 > FS-10090: Rolling back Net8 (or SQL*Net) changes on node SSMADAAORA01
36 09:07:45 FS-10489: SSMADAAORA01 : Completed rollback of operation
37 09:07:45 ** ERROR : FS-10495: Clusterwide rollback of the operation has been completed
38 09:07:45 The clusterwide operation failed !

The initSID.ora is on cluster disk, and in the nodes we have a init with ifile ...

Has someone any idea about this problem?

Thanks in advance and best regards