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    We have a user that has a quota. This user owns two tables in the database. Every night we have some files come in that get loaded into each table by SQL Loader. The other day the first load blew up but the second worked fine. The error message in the SQL Loader file said that the user's quota was hit.

    This is what I think happened. The user was right at the end of their quota. The first table it tried to load needed a new extent because it was out of room. When it went to grab the next extent it blew up. The next SQL Load started which loaded the 2nd table. That table had plenty of room so it loaded witout a problem.

    Does this sound reasonable? When we made the user's quota unlimited everything worked fine.

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    Did you check the alert.log?

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    Originally posted by lesstjm
    Does this sound reasonable?
    Yes, your assumptions are totaly correct.
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