Oracle 8.1.6
SCO Unixware 7

Hi Freinds,

Since Dec 01 as of around 12:30am my archive logs have switched into overdrive. A log is being generated every 2/3 minutes when previously they were being generated every 10/20 minutes. This is causing a space issue problem.

I need to find out why suddenly there is such an increase.
The tablespaces are not in backup mode.
There are no major deletes.
Only 70 connected users currently.
At 12:30 am there would have been hardly anyone connected.
Database is about 3Gb in size and not growing rapidly.

Archive logs are 10Mb
Currently generating around 2 -300Mb of archive logs an hour!

Checked al;ert log and got :
Failure to extend rollback segment RBS15 because of 1650 condition. Gotr this message for RBS 15 and 14 about 4 times.

The database has been bounced to no avail.

Can anyone please suggest what the problem could be or give me a plan of attack to discover where all the redo log generation is coming from ?

Thanks in advance