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Thread: DBMS_JOB submission

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    I have three batch procedure proc_1, proc_2,proc_3
    I want to submit batch jobs in such a way that 2nd job should start after completion of 1st job and 3rd job should start after completion of 2nd.
    Also if any of the job is unsuccess should notify via email.

    Does any body has done this using oracle.
    (not using unix cron job or any scripting...)

    Any help appriciated

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    u can figure out the success or failure of a job by querying the USER_JOBS table. the column FAILURE will give the number of times it has failed. so u can store the value of FAILURE column before executing the procedure and then compare it with the value after executing. if it is same, it can be assumed that the procedure is successfully executed. this is also assuming that successful execution means only from Oracle point of view and not from the application point of view.

    is this what u want?

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