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    Working on Oracle v8i with OS as NT!

    I have this query:

    1.Say My Application developers would like to execute
    TKPROF utility to tune few sql queries!

    I tried to change the INIT.ORA parameter on the server -

    After this what other parameters should I enable/put in the INIT.ORA File so that the developers could execute
    TKPROF and see the output file generated!

    What is the significance and functionality of :

    2.Any idea about the new features and add ons on Oracle 9i.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Trace files are created by users, but they are owned by the database. This is a security feature that can be bypassed by setting the hidden parameter "_trace_files_public = true" in the "init.ora" file. This is not a secure thing to do because many trace files include hex dumps of potentially sensitive data.

    2.Any idea about the new features and add ons on Oracle 9i.
    Oh boy :-) 2 books by Oracle, what to start with :-))

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