NT Net commands on remote Server services
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Thread: NT Net commands on remote Server services

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    Hello Everyone -

    We are trying to perform an offline Oracle DB backup with BackupExec. I need to be able to stop and start services on a different server than the one containing the Backup Software. This requires the use of NT's "net commands", which work on the server you are executing them. I need to be able to issue the commands from a different server within a batch file to start and stop the services of the Oracle DB during the scheduled Offline backup from the BackupExec remote server.

    Telnet is not an option, as I see this as a solution to executing Net commands remotely. This does not work within a batch file!

    Any code is welcome!

    NT 4.0 SP6a
    BackupExec 8.5

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    Hi Gary,

    Why don't you write the net start / stop commands in a batch file and put that bacth file on the server where you want to stop and start services. You can network map the remote drive where the start/shutdown services batch file is. Then write a second batch file on the BackupExec server which calls the start/shutdown services batch using the mapped drive.


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