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Thread: BackUp - using Arcserve to backup network on NT

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    Anyone rely on this to back-up an Oracle database? Should I feel safe relying totally on Arcserve to back-up my databases?

    Would it be better to supplement this by doing my own Oracle only back-ups? (My System Administrator complains about the space I take up storing back-ups on-line, and says I should rely on Arcserve.)

    PS We've never tested it to recover an Oracle database!!!

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    I would suggest that you test it on your test system. What kind of backup do you do cold/hot and logical/physical?


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    Used to use Arcserve, we now run Tivoli. As for trusting any tape device, I don't. Part of an Network Admins job is to worry about disk space. One of the main functions of any dba is to secure the database and make sure it is recoverable. So you need to do what you are comfortable with to make recovery easy and reliable. I personnally copy my cold backups to another server, along with my archive logs.

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    Originally posted by JMac

    PS We've never tested it to recover an Oracle database!!!
    Congratulations! You have already made the biggest mistake in a Backup/Recovery plan. There is absolutely no merit in backing up a database if you don't know if you can restore or recover it.

    ArcServe is going away shortly and is being replaced by Brightstor.
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