I have a question regarding to how to connect to Oracle server(which could be on any OS and inside a firewall) from a remote client(which is outside the firewall and most likely a windows client) using ODBC?

Actually, all we need to do is running reports from client, which need to connect to the oracle server using Oracle ODBC driver.

I searched the forum and read a couple of articles on Metalink, but all of them are talking about how to connect to Oracle server from Oracle remote client using Net*8 instead of ODBC. And the solutions range from set use_shared_socket =TRUE to use CMAN.

1. shall I go with the same apporach with ODBC connection?
2. If Oracle server is on a WINDOWS box, shall I set use_shared_sockets = TRUE instead of trying CMAN?
3. How does ODBC handle the remote connection? Does it also use port 1521 by default?

Thanks a lot!