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    Due to the parts of my company being sold, I have to produce a database handover document, to allow the existing staff (not DBA's) to look after 1 environment.

    This database is Oracle8 on an NT platform.

    I have come up with a few ideas on what should be in this document, however I was wondering if anyone else has done something similar and has any examples I could look at.

    My ideas are

    Creation scripts
    (covering the whole database - rollbacks, log files, tablespaces etc) with an explanation of what each section is.

    Backup schedules, log checking, common errors, common resolutions, start/stop scripts, session scripts (who's in doing what)

    Space Management

    Performance Management

    The users are technical although not DBA's so I'm having problems deciding how to pitch the report

    Any examples/help would be great

    Kind Regards


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    Here are few more things that I would like to add. Though you know that they are technical, create your documentation under the assumption that they don't know anything. Your document should help any primitive users.

    1. Backup and recovery
       i) Backup and Recovery methodology
       ii)If you are using third-party software, remember to include
          of any special features that you implemented at the time 
          of setup. Somthing like linking and etc
       iii) If you have used RMAN, remeber to mention the catelog
            username and the tablespaces and instances where the
            catelogs are being stored. How they are being backed up
       iv) A note on export and import options with example
    2. Database Setup
       i) Mention a word about the oratab file and the location
          where it is stored.
       ii) Distinguish between the ORACLE_HOME and 
           ORACLE_BASE. This would simplify lot of things 
       iii) Mention a word about the listener.ora and tnsnames.ora
            and their purposes. How to stop and start them
       iv) Is the Database in an archivelog mode
       v) If there are any JOBS scheduled, mention what they do
           What frequency it gets called. Also mention how to start
           stop and check the status of it. Make note on that they
           should check for its start status whenever they startup
           the database instance.
    3. Scripts
        i) Provide a brief description about the scripts and if it 
           accepts any parameters, provide a description about 
           them. Also provide an example on how to invoke them.
        ii) Pros and Cons of the script
        iii) If they are in the crontab, inform them about their 
             execution schedules
        iv) If you have a source control, mention about its location
             and how to check it out and check it in
    4. Performance
         i) What is an acceptable performance and what is not
         ii) What are some simple measures that they could take
             to solve them. List of views that they could use. Even 
             some simple queries.
    5. Day-to-day
         i) What they should do when they start the Day
         ii) Some obvious suggestions and solutions
    6. Tools
        i) Some informations on the tools that they could use to 
           do the day-to-day operations eg: OEM and etc
        ii) How to start them and stop
        iii) What are the do(s) and don't(s)
    7. References
        i) If you have metalink support, provide the URL and also
           instruct them on how to create the TAR and etc
        ii) Some good books/documentation for them to refer
        iii) Some links for the references
        iv) Some helpfull free support forum sites and etc
    Hope these would help you to prepare your hand over documentation.


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    Technical Doc

    hi sambhavan

    Good thoughts and Good advise in preparing a technical hand over documentation.

    This is certainly going to help.


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    Many thanks

    This will help a great deal.

    Kind regards


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