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Thread: how to join Oracle table to dbf file (dbase file)

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    I have one problem..and this is very urgent.
    I have one DBF(not an Oracle Datafile) (can say Dbase file) file which is external from Oracle database and placed in some drive c:\files\emp.dbf and Dbase not in system

    In my Oracle Database table called Emp which have same column as in emp.dbf file. some extra column also in Oracle table EMP.
    I have to join this external physical file and Oracle table to retrive data.
    i have to fetch two column from Dbf file and three column from oracle after joining. Empcode is same in both Oracle table and emp.dbf file

    How can i join external dbf file to oracle table. we are not going to migrate dbf file into oracle file.

    Pls send me the solution as soon as possible.

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    Hi anuj.

    It really depends on the format of the file. One method I've used against CSVs is the DIY$View approach. See:

    If you do not know the internal format the only thing I can suggest is to use ODBC as a gateway to this data.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Tim
    I know the format of DBF file and i can open it in MS excel and can see the attribute.

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