Update snapshots after altering table definition?
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Thread: Update snapshots after altering table definition?

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    I am running Oracle 8.1.6 and am replicating to one other server. We want to update some column widths in some tables on the master server and I understand this will require doing the same on the server I am replicating to to keep the schema definitions identical. What I am concerned about, is do I need to also update/drop/recreate the snapshots? Also, are there other steps that I need to be aware of before doing this?

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    I have had and still have exactly the same problem. What I do is, if a new colum is added to a table of the master site, I drop and recreate the materialized view at the replication side. It takes a couple of minutes to do that and columns are actually added not every day, so that's the way I solve that problem.

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