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    Jan 2000
    Chester, England.
    Percentage wise? I've been given a less than 3% rise for next year despite my now being responsible for Ora Databases at 3 sites in 3 countries (last year it was just one).

    That's barely a cost of living rise. (UK)

    What are the going % rates in the industry?

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    Nov 2000
    Wow, a raise? You should feel lucky. I know of several companies that have frozen salaries until the economy turns around. (Personally, I think it's just an excuse to keep salaries down, but that's another whole story)
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    Jan 2000
    Chester, England.
    But we've had a good year and EVERYONE has got a minimum of 3% - so what does it say about the way this company values it's Key Staff? I'm the only one with any Oracle experience here and our 2 main production systems run on Oracle8i and all new development will be in Oracle ... ?

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    Aug 2001
    maybe ur not as key as you think...
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    Apr 2001
    OCPWannabe may be right on this one.

    rule 1 : no - one's indispensible.

    I am also in a simiar position to yourself. Have taken on lots more responsibility on Oracle Database and have also been given SQLserver responsibilities and Unix Admin responsibilities. I am also the only Oracle 8i Guy in the company.

    I was not treated in any way special or even thanked for my years work.

    I am pursuing 8i OCP at the mo' and should have it in February. I will then confront IT head with a pay rise request. If I don't get any joy he'll know my intentions.

    UK is not doing too badly for Oracle skills demand check http://www.jobserve.co.uk.

    rule 2 : always keep your options open.

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    Oct 2000
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    I would be happy with 3%.

    I provide production support for 40 Oracle databases nationwide as well as support for the developers and QA enviroments and I got a whopping 0.5% increase.
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    Jun 2000
    We got 7% deduction.

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    Oct 2001
    Pelham, AL
    Read the newspapers. Tens of thousands of people are being laid off every month, including high-tech.

    I'm not saying you should be happy, but you need to take a realistic look at what is going on.

    On the other hand, I would be very happy to get a 3% raise, this year. I am fearing that I might get nothing or even a pay cut. Or, even worse, laid off - not because of me or my work, but the company getting caught up in the downward economic spiral.

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    Apr 2000


    I had my yearly review and increase earyly in the year and got 6%. This is a little lower compared to previous years. We just got our yearly bonus. Usually it is equivilant to a paycheck, but this year because of the economy, we only got $225.

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    Dec 2001
    The problem with DBA work is that bosses often don't consider it productive work. There is little to see or play with at the end of the week!

    If someone goes up to the boss and says, "I've coded 10 web pages this week!" they are called a star. If a DBA says, "You didn't notice but I increased performance by 1%" nobody gives a crap, even though that may translate into thousands of pounds.

    The only time DBAs are really valued is when something needs to be done urgently. Recover an important database quickly and for a few days after you are God!

    I heard in the press that a handful of big companies are making compulsory 10% cuts on all contractor rates. The company I'm currently working for is not giving any rate increases next year. Doesn't really affect me as I'm gone soon
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