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    Dec 2001
    Hello... I have just installed LEGATO STORAGE MANAGER in AIX4.3.2 SERVER(Oracle 805). And after the installation process it says that LSM is successfully installed. And when I invoke nwadmin, it seems to me that it is ok.

    But I have never tried before using RMAN with TAPE as destination, only to disk.

    Can somebody walk me through of how will I do such task?
    I mean... how can I test LSM if it's working fine(maybe by testing O.S. file backup first, but how). How to Link it with Oracle, so that when I use RMAN, LSM will carry on the backup task. What are the RMAN scripts to allow use of TAPE as destination.

    Need help, thank you in advance.

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    Dec 2001
    I really need to do something about this subject, can you guys make some posting of this thread?

    thanks again, I will really appreciate your help.

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    I am afraid you are asking too big and complex of a question to get quick help in a forum such as this. You really need to get some training (or at least some specific technical documentation) before you can tackle this task.

    You will, though, have to link a storage management module into Oracle for it to work. But, since I use Veritas NetBackup on Solaris, I am unable to give you any specifics.

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    RMAN & Legato


    Well I have some experience on RMAN with legato . You should first make sure that legato version is compatible with RMAN if not a patch is available on their website download the patch and apply the same and here you would need to make some adjustments to the new nsrdmo script and then take RMAN backup using

    allocate c1 channel 'sbt_tape'
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx syntax .

    Monitor the messages in the nsr directory for error messages .

    I hope this information will help .


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