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    I'm getting ORA-29540 class oracle/aurora/rdbms/security/PolicyTableManager does not exist error while I'm installing the database. This is RDBMS 817 on Solaris8. I guess initjvm.sql ran unsuccesfully?....checked my init file and relaized that I didn't had java_pool_size set....so I set the java_pool_size to 100M....and it works.....did I set it too high?....what is java_pool_size do?

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    JAVA_POOL_SIZE can vary from 1M to 1G (approx.). It defones the memory from which the Java memory manager allocates most Java state during runtime execution.

    Using the following query:

    SELECT pool, name, bytes FROM v$sgastat WHERE pool = 'java pool';

    you can follow how much memory you use and based on that you may decide to increase or reduce the JAVA_POOL_SIZE.

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