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Thread: Cannot Eject CD during Ora8i Install on HP-9000

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    I am currently installing Oracle 8i on HP UX 9000 11.0. The installation so far is ok. It is asking for another CD but I can't unmount the existing CD as it says device busy.

    Please Help !!!!

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    Try the following command from unix prompt

    eject cd


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    You should have made copy of CD2 and CD3 on the server first before you start install. After you finish installing from CD1 and ask you to put the second one..go to CD2 that you have made copy on your server.
    Eject CD will not eject your Oracle CD1. You probably have to kill the process if you want to eject, then your installation will fail. So you should copy CD2 and CD3 on the server where you are installing Oracle 8i.

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    Originally posted by santoshym

    eject cd


    I think it should be

           eject cdrom

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    I have not installed 8i myself. but found this stuff on metalink. hpoe it helps. tell me if it works.

    Note: If you are installing 8.1.7, depending on the products that are being
    installed, the installer may prompt you to "insert Oracle8i disk 2
    into your disk drive or supply an alternative location".

    You may get "Device busy" messages when attempting to pfs_unmount
    the 1st cdrom of the product set, because on the session that started
    the installer the current working directory is the cdrom mount point.

    To overcome this problem:

    . Return to the session/window where the installer was launched.

    . Press the Return key once or twice to get the Unix prompt.

    . Change directory to a location other than the cdrom mount point,
    for example 'cd /tmp'.

    . You should now be able to 'pfs_umount' the 1st cd-rom.

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