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    Here i have 2 questions -

    1) how do i grant privilages like select, delete, update, insert to user b on user a schema.
    suppose if i have 1500 tables then i should give all the permissions to the user 'b' of only user 'a' schemas with out generating a script.

    for ex:
    select ' grant ' .......

    here if u do like this there will be a problem.
    if u create a new table then explicitly we need to give the permissions.

    Can some one tell me at one shot how we can grant the privileges.

    2) Yesterday i have created a database user by giving
    default tablespace and temporary tablespace . I was getting error and if i mention quota then it is working. I don't know the reason why it is getting error if i don't mentioned the quota. the default is unlimited so it should not thow any error.




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    1) You can not grant rights to another user's object in 7x or 8x, it is possible in 9i!

    2) Need the error if you can get it.

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    Logon as a and generate the script using,

    select 'grant select,update,delete, insert on '||table_name||' to b;'
    from USER_TABLES;

    now run this script while logged on as a.

    Better create role and grant these permissions to role and then grant this role to user b or anyone else as required.

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    Originally posted by molonede
    1) You can not grant rights to another user's object in 7x or 8x, it is possible in 9i!
    This has nothing to do with 9i - granting privileges on another user's objects is available at least since Oracle 6.0!
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