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    hi guys

    I am not a oracle dba but i have work to do .

    I have 2 instances on one machine. (test,demo)
    env oracle 8.1.7 / hp -Unix

    I am having a export backup from test instance.

    It is a user level backup. It is not a entire database backup.

    Now i have to import 3 users and their data in to demo instance for testing purpose.

    Note - The user names in the test instance are entirely different from those of demo.

    so what i will be doing is

    1 i will create those 3 users in the demo instance .

    2 i will give this Ignore = y option when i import.

    is this the correct way ?

    please advise me how to do this .


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    1. 2 instances means 2 databases to keep it simple.
    2. User level import means you have only one user's data to import and not 3.


    1. Do a full database export from test or 2 user level exports from tes.

    2. When importing use: fromuser='xxx' touser='yyy' clause.

    And finally try to read the documentation at lease once.


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