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Thread: Names Server

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    Dear all,
    I found that the default installation does not install the Names server features until custom install it.

    After I install successfully, I found that I am only can use the Control Panel - Services to start and stop and another place is the NET8 but cannot thru the namesctl utility.

    When I go into the namnesctl I got this error message before prompt me the namesctl>

    NNL-00018: Warning :could not contact default name server
    Welcome to NAMESCTL, type "help" for information

    When I set the Names server

    NAMESCTL> set server "my name server name"
    NNL-00010: error getting address for server "dellnames"

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, 29th Nov 2001 16:48 hrs Mumbai

    Your Problem from Oracle docs says the Possibilty of causes.

    As per Oracle Docs
    NNL-00010: error getting address for server server

    Cause: The control program attempted to translate a server name to its corresponding address, and failed. There are a large number of possible causes for the failure. The control program's SQLNET.ORA file must exist in the correct system-specific location, and must be readable by the control program. The file must contain a names.preferred_servers entry with valid name server addresses. If the user has changed managed servers with the SET SERVER command, the new server must be running, and must be able to resolve the address or forward the request to another server which can resolve the address. Alternatively, a TNSNAMES.ORA file with valid name server names and addresses must exist in the correct system-specific location.

    Action: For further details, turn on tracing and re-execute the failing operation. If the error persists, contact Worldwide Customer Support.
    Please let me know whether you have followed the above details and also turn on tracing and re execute the command and let me know the details for further follow up.


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    Dear padmam,
    I just curious after I restart my machine and I try now it looks fine. Only thing is the fist time login will take some time even already perform reorder_ns and start_client_cache.

    Anyway, thanks for your response. I am appreaciate your help.


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    windows 2000
    oracle 8.1.7

    I can't start names service because I donot have NAMES.EXE at ...\bin (and throung the computer), I installed oracle using default setting. The service is there but can't be started, it says: system can't find NAMES.EXE file.

    Can someone help me?

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