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    I installed Oracle8.1.6 client and ODBC on my pc.
    Now I can connect to the Oracle database 8.1.6 and set up the linked table in MS access database. How could I update the Oracle database table from the linked table in MS access database?

    For example, there is a table name test_odbc in ORACLE DB.
    I setup a linked table link_test_odbc in the MS access DB.
    What I want to do is to update the table link_test_odbc from MS access, then test_odbc in ORACLE DB is updated.
    But when I tried to update table link_test_odbc in MS access I got the message " the recordset is not updateable".

    Any idea? Thanks.

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    There are some Notes in Metalink but they mention ADO or Visual Basic, and the solution are:
    1.-set the 'Updateability' property to updateable
    2.-cmd.Properties("IRowsetChange") = TRUE "select ename,empno,job from scott.emp",con,adOpenStatic,adLockOptimistic,adcmdText

    But my first thought was on a property on the ODBC DSN itself, maybe a Read-only checkbox
    Hope it helps.

    Ramon Caballero, DBA,

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    Thanks, Rcaballe. I solved the problem according to your idea.

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