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Thread: decode the script please with simple english

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    Hi: Found this script in Scripts section. Tried it. Happy with the response but unable to figure out a few things..

    -- Create Script to backup actual files to a directory
    select 'alter tablespace '|| tablespace_name||' begin backup;' c1,
    'host cp '||file_name||' &HOT_BACK_DIR' || '/' ||
    '.bak' c2,
    'host compress -f '|| ' &HOT_BACK_DIR' || '/' ||
    '.bak' c3
    from dsc_hot_stage
    select 'alter tablespace '|| tablespace_name||' end backup;' c1,
    null, null
    from dsc_hot_stage
    group by tablespace_name,file_name order by 1;

    Thanks, ST2000

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    Put each tablespace in backup mode

    Use the host command to get to an os prompt

    Use your OS copy command to copy datafile to backup directory

    Use your os command to compress the backed up data file.

    Take tablespace out of backup mode.
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    Thanks Jeff.. I could figure out the task since I am able to produce a file, but the few things I cant understans are ::

    what are c1, c2 and c3.. how is it represnting that and using them.. very confusing

    The first '/'.. It is not shown on result

    Thanks, ST2000

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