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Thread: OS authentication

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    I am clear with theoretically what OS authentication will do.
    But can anyone explain ,giving an example.
    How to create OS login name?,
    Where should I create?
    In which Domain I need to include the user?.
    Is there any previlage to be given etc etc

    Ohhh.I am so much confused
    please help me

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    You can create a OS login name just like you create a normal user in OS.You should create a oracle user with the same name prefixed by some string ,say,OPS$ .e.g. If you create a OS user called "Vani",you should create a oracle user called "OPS$vani" and also mention that the user is identified externally during user creation in oracle. You should set the parameter OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX in init.or to OPS$.Next time you login as vani,oracle concatenates the value mentioned in OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX with your login and validates it in the database.

    Hope this clarifies your doubt.


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    Mar 2002
    I am going to try this.
    Before that , think that I created OS user and also created a user with same name(prefixed by whatever in OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX Parameter) in the database.
    Now I log on to some other machine ( not in the machine where I created my database) with OS user name say Vani.(say with the one I created)
    No I would like to start a session.I have Sql *plus installed in the machine I am going to use. Normally a dialogue box appears to get input like username,password and oracleSid.
    So,Now I should not get that brecause OS authentication given to that user ,instead I shold be able to get SQL prompt.
    Is it true?

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    Hi Vani,

    In the logon screen, enter / in username and enter the connect string. This should work.



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    I did followed the same thing.
    I first tried on the same machine where I created Database.It didn't wirk.I set remote_login_password-none also in parameter file.
    Could any one help me?

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