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    In DBA Studio (oracle PO 8i Enterprise ed 8.1.7) I want to back up a database. I log into DBA Studio via OMS as system or as me ( I am set up currently with connect and resource and DBA role. In system privileges tab I cannot locate the sysdba privelege?? I have even gone into sqlplus as connect sys / as sysdba and granted myself sysdba and still i get this insufficient priveleges ORA - 01031!!!! Why is there no sysdba available for this datbase and is for the other I had created ?????

    ANY help as I am totallay and utterly lost!!!?

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    I am pretty sure there is one script you did not run... but before you try to find it I suggest to create a dummy role with
    'EXP_FULL_DATATASE" as system privilege, and grant it to yourself...

    Also, is your variable ORACLE_SID setup correctly??

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    I have resolved it!!!!!

    I have resolved the problem today!

    See if you can follow this -

    The day before I logged the problem I had (for security purposes) gone into DBA studio and changed all the passwords for system and for sys - and others. Just out of instinct I logged into DBA Studio 'today' just as I did before (as my username) then on that database I again got the error. So this time I connected as sys and password "change_on_install" as sysdba. Then I went into my username and "Aley looleeya" the system privilege Tab shows the sysdba!!!

    This is quite confusing as I could have sworn yesterday I was connecting in sqlplus as sys with changed passwd as sysdba as well and I got connected ok - Maybe I am totally wrong becasue I had not documented the steps. I guess one thing I can do to check if I am totally burmy or the system has gone screwy is to verify that the passwords were changed ok for the other database.


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