Hi Friends,

Kindly assist us with our long-time problem.

Our company is implementing a Global Sign-On (GSO) security feature --- from IBM. Its a security feature that checks/authenticates all users accessing the computer systems in the company. Now, our problem is
we can not authenticate users running a Web application developed in Oracle Forms5 (Developer2000) which were deployed using OAS 4.0.7. Is there a way to authenticate users logged in using web forms?

Below is the explaination of the IBM-GSO implementor.
GSO supports IE and Netscape but when using HTTP basic authentication. It
just happens that although you use IE, you don't use the HTTP basic
authentication but launches an Oracle Form to ask for authentication.

GSO, actually doesn't care about the programming tool used but the Window
where it will enter the user name and password. It just won't recognize the
Oracle Form Window, nor the fields in it where the user name and the
password will be entered.