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    Does anyone know anything about a "Tools" tablespace? I was reading about statpack and it makes a reference to a TOOLS tablespace. My database does not have one and I tried a search on rdbms\admin directory and I can't find any reference to TOOLS.

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    There is nothing special about a TOOLS tablepace. The Statapack docs are basically saying to install Statspack someplace other than the SYSTEM tablespace.

    If you want to create a TOOLS tablespace and put Statspack there, fine. If not, choose some existing tablespace other than SYSTEM and have at it.

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    re: Tools Tablespace?

    hi there,

    the TOOLS tablespace is created for you by default if you either 1) create a default database with your Oracle installation or 2) create a database with the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

    if you create a db with the DBCA, and you choose the option to 'Create a Script' instead of 'Create Now', you will see somewhere in those scripts (usually in the alterTablespace.sql script) the line:


    this prevents the SYSTEM user from creating any more objects in the SYSTEM tablespace by accident. many 3rd party DBA tools will create a repository of some sort in the db. If you choose for the SYSTEM user for the owner of these tools, many of these repositories and other objects will be created in the SYSTEM tablespace by default. this is bad.

    as you can see, the TOOLS tablespace allows for a default tablespace for inadvertent objects created by the SYSTEM user. Also, many people directly specify this tablespace for their DBA tools like OEM and such.

    note that the existence and use of this TOOLS tablespace is not mandatory (as you obviously know, seeing how you don't have one). it is merely the Oracle installation default. it is recommended, however, to alter your SYSTEM user's default tablespace and temporary tablespace to one other than the SYSTEM tablespace.

    have fun ,


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