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Thread: PL/SQL Debugger

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    How to debug PL/SQL store procedure when there is no debugger.
    I created procedure, no compilation error. Runs successfully.
    But it does not do any thing. It is not showing me DBMS_OUTPUT mesage also.
    How can I debug code and find out what's wrong without using any tools?
    Does oracle has pl/sql debugging tools.
    Or do you know any Cheap PL/SQL Debugger tools ?
    No TOAD (it's expensive)

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    Originally posted by Kumud
    It is not showing me DBMS_OUTPUT mesage also.
    Did you:

    There are lots of pl/sql debuggers out there. Personally, I think TOAD is best. Compare the cost of TOAD to 10 hours of your time and then decide if it is expensive.

    Oracle Developer comes with a PL/SQL debugger module. At 4K+ per SEAT, now we're talking expensive...
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    Profiling: Identifying and isolating performance problems in applications that consist of large numbers of PL/SQL packages is difficult at best, requiring extensive
    detailed analysis of the code. Oracle8i's new profiling API, implemented through
    the DBMS_PROFILER PL/SQL package, provides functions for gathering
    statistics, such as the total number of times each line has executed, time spent
    executing each line, and minimum and maximum amount of time spent on executing
    a given line of code. The statistics create a "profile" of the application.
    For example, developers can generate profiling information for all named library
    units used in a single session. This information is stored in database tables you can
    query to obtain information on time spent in each PL/SQL line, module, and

    Debugging: Oracle8i also includes the DBMS_DEBUG API, which has several
    advanced debugging features, including the ability to debug PL/SQL code on the
    client and server (with the Oracle Developer tools), step through code, set
    breakpoints, examine and modify values of variables, stop on exception, execute
    arbitrary code at a breakpoint, and examine cursor state.
    Several debuggers that use the DBMS_DEBUG API are already available from
    Oracle and third-party suppliers. Oracle Procedure Builder is an advanced
    client/server debugger that can transparently debug Oracle Developer and database

    Tracing: If a debugging tool isn't available or if an application is too complex to
    debug, developers can use the new DBMS_TRACE API to trace programs by
    function or by exception, which can be very useful during all phases of
    development, especially while debugging complex PL/SQL applications.

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    Thanks gpsingh, I need to find out how to use dbms_debug and dbms_profiler.

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