I am using RMAN, oracle 8.0.5 on unix
I have base backup (level 0) on Monday, and incremental backup (level 2) on Tuesday 2AM.

by mistaken I delete a data file /ora/dat2/oradata/DBA1/data_01.dbf
and temp file /ora/dat2/oradata/DBA1/temp_01.db on Tuesday afternoon.

Now I am doing restore/recovery

from rman, I issue
>restore database;

from svrmgrl issue
recover database;
I got
Media recovery complete.

I bounce the database, open no error.

when I get in sqlplus try to access database, I got:

ORA-00376: file 6 cannot be read at this time
ORA-01110: data file 6: '/ora/dat2/oradata/DBA1/data_01.dbf'

restore, recover both no error, instance can start/shutdown not error. I can see the new data file and temp file been restore on the disk. why I can not access it?
what I did wrong? could anyone give me some thought?