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    I have the following ques on forms runtime.

    I open up 2 forms using the open_form..(nosession) option. However, when I save one form, other form also gets saved.
    If I open a form using open_form(...session) , then the new form will be opened in a new session, which creates a new database session.(This new session, will have a bearing on the number of license/session)

    Ques) How do I open 2 forms, without creating a new session and still be able to save only one form without affecting the other


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    read more carifully types of Oracle license/session:
    it possible
    1) concurent devices (you used only 1 concurent device with 2 sessions)
    2) named users (you used only 1 named user with 2 sessions)

    Oracle usually doesn't use session as license unit.

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