I have an inconsistent problem. I have a form (deleveloped on Forms 6) based off of a Oracle stored procedure. This crashes while executing query. I cant even trace it with the forms debugger. This behaviour is inconsistent in the sense that it happens with certain sets of data. I know the description of the problem seems pretty vague, but this is all I am able to observe. The form has been coded by somebody who is not on the maintenance team anymore. I notice that the QUERY-PROCEDURE trigger has a call named PLSQL_TABLE.POPULATE_BLOCK Is this a Forms Buit-in?? I could not find this anywhere in Oracle documentation and also I couldnt find this as a package in the database ( I queried on all_objects). This is not even present in any of the attached libraries for the form. Is this a built-in or a user defined program unit?

Any help is greatly appreciated.