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Thread: Using Couchman Oracle 8i Upgrade Exam Cd on XP Pro

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    Has anyone been able to use the CD that accompanies the Jason Couchman book "Oracle Certified Professional Oracle 8i Upgrade Exam Guide" on the XP Pro Operating System. I tried installing the CD on my new PC which has XP Pro installed on it. It seemed to install all right, but when I launch the program, it complained that it couldn't find the exam to be loaded. However, when I tried to do the same thing on a PC that has Windows 98 on it, I had no problem. I tried calling McGraw hill and right now there are no plans to upgrade the software.

    Has anyone found a work-around so that it will work on XP Pro?


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    Hello, sweet dear, I asked the related question to some of my friends, and it appears that the answer is no. Xp supposedly is legacy free, dos free, is a subset of window 2000. I really wish these people state more explicitly which platform and which version of platform works with which version of the software. I tried to install PC ORACLE 8i 8.1.6 on windows 98, the installer stated that the installaton complete, but when I tried to get in SQL*PLUS using scott, tiger or system, manager it kept repeating protocol adaptor error, I found out 12 hour later, it only works with upgrade version of 98. I guess we live and learn.

    Trying to remain objective, since one can always be wrong.....without knowing it at the moment.

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