SQL NET Tuning- Wait time very large
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Thread: SQL NET Tuning- Wait time very large

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    Sqlnet message to client wait time is very high.
    How can I tune it ?
    Does any body has used SDU,TDU, array_size parameters.
    Will you please give me the realtime example of sizing this parameters. My block size is 8192k , oracle 8.1.6, linux
    Database is connected via apache application server.

    Your help is appreciated..

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    you dont tune that
    itīs not really waits, itīs just that the server has nothing to send to the client

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    No Pando, it is a wait time is increasing database is 24/7.
    Due to that some time application server dying.
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    As pando allready said, this "SQL*Net mesage to client" wait event is not causing you any problems. This is one of those idle wait events in a database that allways grow (and actually consume the most wait time in wait event statistics) but are actually inevitable but have no influence on the performance. You should simply ignore them. Some other idle wait events are:
    - pmon timer
    - smon timer
    - SQL*Net message from client
    - SQL*Net more data from client
    - rdbms ipc message
    - null event
    - .....
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    well, first, you need verify your indexes and tables, maybe your objects was be fragmented.

    Maybe the space reserved for transactions is very small, you need defined with pct inrease and free list paramters...

    Try it


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