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    I have created a user Iyappan and granted Resource and Connect using the following,

    SQL>Create user Iyappan
    Identified by iyappan;

    SQL>Grant Connect to Iyappan;
    SQL>Grant Resource to Iyappan;

    I cannnot able to access the objects owned by user scott.
    I want access to the tables and objects owened by scott.
    Can any one tell me a solution?


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    Login as SCOTT and you can grant access on the tables to IYAPPAN. To grant selects, updates, deletes and inserts, use :

    grant select, update, delete, insert on EMP to IYAPPAN;

    You will then be able to access EMP from IYAPPAN using SCOTT.EMP

    You can also create a synonym on EMP for IYAPPAN to avoid having to include the schema name when accessing the table.

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