Hi all!

I have this query:

WE are into Development stage and working on Oracle v8i with NT as OS.

1.I take cold backups of the following DB Files by shutting down the DB:
a).Control01.ctl,Control02.ctl,Control03.ctl Files
f).Parameter File INIT.ORA.
g).Password File.

The above DB files are on d:\> drive.
Cold Backups I store on E:> drive.

In case the DB crashes,do I have to put the Db in ArchiveLog Mode
and recover upto a certain point in time.
As when the Db is shutdown to take cold backups,Db goes into the default NoArchivelog Mode.

Is it OK!

2.How could I make my Application Developers make use and run TKPROF,AUTOTRACE utility from their client machines to tune their sql queries.