TOAD has a nifty feature (DBA->Generate Schema Script) that generates all of the DDL required to rebuild a schema. Hoewever, even with the "Sort for Creation" option enabled it doesn't analyse dependencies, rather it just exports everything in alphabetical order. This causes the creation of the schema to fail because constraints can't be enabled if the referenced table doesn't exist. e.g. Table A has a foreign key constraint on a column in Table B. Table A will obviously be created before table B, and when it is altered to enable the FK then because table B hasn't been created then Oracle will throw a fit.

Does anyone know if there are any other tools that offer this kind of functionality, but with dependency checking as well? I've heard ERWin mentioned a few times but not sure whether this is what I need?

Just for clarity it needs to be able to handle all kinds of db objects (e.g. tables, pl/sql procedures, views, ...).

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