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    Sep 2000
    My production database is running on .I created a standby and it was working fine for about a month .Today suddenly the production database went down where as the standby database was doing the managed recovery .

    when I saw the alert log it show that arch ora 600 errors ..
    The fix is to apply patch set which the oracle support has said .

    Till sunday I will not be able to do this since i have to bring other database also down .

    What should i do to remove the link between the primary and the standby database

    And have only the the primary database alone ..

    I want to have only the primary database only for the time being ...

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    You really don't have to do anything to get rid of STANDBY database. Primary Database is not dependent on Standby at any time.
    When you need standby database again, you need to recreate it.

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    Feb 2001
    Actually I was reading oracle documentation on creating managed recovery standby database.

    I think you have to change your initSID.ora file on your primary database. i.e. log_archive_dest_2. (Not to through archivelog files onto your standby server.


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    Sep 2000
    The problem is I have a standby database created .Now in the primary database i have these parameters

    log_archive_dest_2 ='SERVICE=standby'
    log_archive_dest_state_2 =ENABLE
    log_archive_dest_state_1 =ENABLE
    standby_archive_dest =/oradata/archive/sprdprod

    Can i comment these parameters and restart the database .
    Will that solve my problem

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    If arch can not trasfer to standby database your primary database will stop.
    Check listener file in which transfer of arch automaticlly to standby site is specified via parameters. ARCH =

    Also parameter, Lock_name_space in init files.

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    by doing: ALTER SYSTEM set log_archive_dest_state_2=disable;
    you will no longer transfer the archived redo logs to the standby database.

    also check v$archive_dest, look at the STATUS of the standby destination (TARGET = 'STANDBY') to make sure that it is in fact disabled.

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