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Thread: SQL*plus 8.1.6 buggy?

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    I find that when I do a select on tables in sql*plus some of the output widthwise is chopped off regardless of linesize setting. Is there a patch I can apply to my 8.1.6 home installation?


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    Is it possible that those columns that are copped off are of type LONG? You must explicitely set the number of characters that gets displayed for LONGs in SQL*Plus with SET LONG settings, no matter of how you set your LINESIZE.

    SET LONG = 1000000 will alow you to display 10**6 characters of your LONG columns, for example. The default for LONG in SQL*Plus is 80 characters, I belive.
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    Still bugs bunny

    Should have mentioned that truncation occurrs when using desc. Might upgrade my sql*plus to 8.1.7 or even downgrade to a version I know works!

    Thanks anyway

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