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    My tablespace is heavily fragmented. I guess.
    I have 30 datafiles for this tablespace.
    Each datafile has 1 GIG.
    Out of the 1 GIG per datafile, only 30 -50 %
    is used.
    I have come to a conclusion that the spaces
    are not contigous. Also the tablespace has
    250 tables(big, medium and small). Also most
    of the small to medium tables has a lot of

    This is what I have decided to do:
    1.Export the entire database with compress=y
    NOTE:The only table with a lot of extents
    is 650M.
    2.Drop all the tables/truncate the
    tables with drop storage
    3.Import all entire database

    What do you guys think about this approach?

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    That will be a pretty extreme measure to take.

    Is this tablespace the most significant part of you database ?
    Why cann't you recreate just the tables that are causing the fragmentation ?

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    Create three tablespaces one for big,medium and the small .
    each tablespace will have a single datafile with 2GB size to start with .

    move all the small tables in the databases to the 3 tablespace to start with .You can do that with alter table move storage

    then with the medium and then the large .

    then rebuild the indexes ... accordingly last .

    drop the old tablespace ...


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