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    Hi all!

    1.I got the problem of Troubleshooting solved with the help of my Network Engineer at the office.

    All he did was changed the Host name BIAC-01 to its integer equivalent IP address of the Server
    in the TNS file locally.Bingo! It connected that very moment!

    Why did this happen!Why wasn't it connecting with the host named BIAC-01 in the first place.

    Do let me know about this!

    2.Secondly,How do we enable trace on in the local sqlnet.ora file as per your statement.What is the syntax command for this!

    3.Could we use "ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS" after we restore DB from Cold Backup,Incremental Backups to a certain point in time say upto 12:00 noon on Wednesday when the Db crashed!The DB is on ARCHIVELOG Mode.

    Db crash may damage any Db files say Control Files,Redo Log Files,Archived Redo Log Files,Data Files,etc.,



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    1. It could be that your DNS had not been set.

    2. Refer 1

    3. Yes, since it was going to be an incomplete recovery yes you could reset the logs...

    Recover the control file, mount the database with the old control file, restore the tablespaces and the archivelogs and do the recovery to the point in time.



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