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    I have a oracle server on one system and few users are connected to this server. All users in the same domain. I should not allow one client to connect to my server. How to restrict that user.


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    There is a common requirement of restricting access of users connecting
    to the database from sql*plus. Say a username and password was given
    to access forms or reports, the same user should not be able to connect
    using sql*plus.

    In case of 8i, ON LOGON database trigger can be used. One way is to use PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE to restrict all the commands.
    Another way is to use sql statements in glogin.sql which would validate
    the users. Additional validations can be done based using V$SESSION.
    Enabling or disabling roles can also be done using the follwing method.

    1. Create table valid_users(USERNAME VARCHAR2(30));
    2. Insert valid OS users who can connect to database into this table.
    3. Create a file validate.sql as follows -

    set head off echo off feed off
    spool /tmp/excit.sql
    select decode(count(*),0,'EXIT;',NULL) from valid_users
    where username=user;
    spool off;
    4. Add this file name in $ORACLE_HOME\sqlplus\admin\glogin.sql

    glogin.sql executes everytime sql*plus is invoked.

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