Does anybody know what can cause this error message (ORA-12541: TNS: no listener)? The only answer I find in all Oracle books (Net8 Administrator's Guide, etc.) is check your listener if it's started & try your test again. My listener is started (WinNT-Services).
What I am trying to do is to configure a net service name so I can use my OEM. So, I use Net8 Configuration Assistant, enter all the needed parameters (they are consistent with my TSNNAMES.ORA & LISTENER.ORA) - when I choose to perform a test I get this error message.
I also performed a loopback test through Net8 Assistant as they suggest in Net8 Administrator's Guide - I get the same error.
Please somebody help me with this issue - I've been trying everything. I uninstalled Oracle 8.1.6 & installed 8.1.7 - same result.

Thanks for your help!