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Thread: Immigrate Data

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    Hi , Friends ,
    I'm now thinking a solution to immigrate the data .

    The situation is :
    Server A : NT , Oracle7.3 . User1 has table T1,T2,T3
    Server B : NT , Oracle7.3 . User1 has table T1,T2,T3
    (the table name is same and the table structure is also
    simular , but in ServerB , the table has some additional columns ) .

    Now we want to clone all the data from ServerA , User1 to
    ServerB User1 . The data valumn is very big (1million records
    in some table and around 1 GB data in User1 ) . Because of the table struture is different , So import and export seems not working.

    Please advise .



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    You can create DB Link in server 2 which link with server 1. In server 2 you can write sql like this: INSERT INTO T1(column1,column2....) SELECT column1,column2.... FROM T1@dblink, instead of exp/imp.

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