Just brushing up with STS before I write my intro to oracle pl/sql test (1Z0-001) and I came across an error, I let them know about via e-mail and hope to hear back on monday whether there is any more "bugs" like this.

Basically the question asked how many time a loop will execute, to which my answer was 0 because of an error in the code. STS missed the error, of which there was more than one as they were referencing a variable without declaring it and also using an expression as an assignment incorrectly.

BTW, STS's answer to the question was 5

Has anyone else run in to errors like these?

I paid good $$ for the software, I expect it to NOT have errors, especially since I bought it to prepare for an exam!


ps. here is the question & displayed code:

evaluate this pl/sql block:

v_low NUMBER :=1;
v_high NUMBER :=6;
v_count NUMBER :=2;
i:= v_low
FOR i IN v_low..v_high LOOP
v_count := v_count + 1;

How many times will the loop execute?