Hi guys:

I am having this problem maybe you can help me out. I created a database and was in the process of creating a bunch of tablespaces when I encountered this problem. Everything was done on SQL*Plus.
SQL>create tablespace DATA datafile 'F:/Oracle/oradata/DATA.dbf' size 300M
Autoextend on
extent management local;

After having realized that it should have been DATA1.dbf instead of DATA.dbf, I issued the command:

SQL> drop tablespace DATA including contents;

Tablespace dropped.

When I went back to re-create the DATA tablespace

SQL>create tablespace DATA datafile 'F:\oracle\oradata\DATA1.dbf'
size 300M
autoextend on
extent management local;

I was given the following error messages:
1) ora-01119-error in creating database file 'F:\ ....\..'
2) ora-27038-skgfrcre: file exists
3) osd-04010- option specified, file already exists.

What does this mean since I have already successfully dropped the tablespace, including contents. Why am I still getting this telling me that the datafile already exist. Better yet, how do I get this resolved. I am in a rather dire situation since I need to get this done ASAP-your help and assistance would be much appreciated.