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Thread: please, I need advice

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    Could you please give me some advice.

    I've been a web developer the last few years and I've worked with Access, ASP, sql, html, javascript, VB script, etc.

    I'm thinking of studying to become a dba.

    at work, I don't have a sql or oracle server to work with. How do you think I should get started on track to become a dba?

    Any advice would be great.

    should I start studying to get certified? How should I start working with a server if there isn't one where I work?

    thanks a lot...

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    Hello there

    You can go to and sign up for an account there (its free). Once you have an account you can download Personal Oracle for Windows 98. You can use this to play around with Oracle.

    Also at the website all the Oracle documentation is there so you can read up on administering Oracle databases.
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